Viking Attire, Belts & Fur Clothing

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Need Viking Attire, Belts & Fur Clothing? We have everything you can imagine to help you create the Viking or Barbarian Complete Outfits. Even Viking Weapons, Jewelry, Chalices and other great ideas.

Medieval, Viking Tankards, Chalices & Goblets

Complete your costume with drinking vessels of any era. From elaborate to simple, Royalty to Riff Raff, from tankards to chalices, we have what you need, including leather strap mug and chalice holders for your belt.. These Medieval, Viking Tankards, Chalices & Goblets are just a sample of the many choices you have here.

Viking, Barbarian & Celtic Chalices

Complete your Viking, Barbarian or Celtic Costume with amazing Chalices, Tankards & Goblets from our huge collection of period pieces. We have Mug & Chalice Holder for your belt too. Are you completely ready for TRF and Scarborough Fair? You will find an abundance of complete outfits for any period here.

Viking Peasant Mugs, Medieval Surf Drinking Vessels

We have primitive Viking and Peasant Mugs or Medieval Viking Pauper Drinking or Alms Collection Vessels.  May we recommend all kinds of simple, or otherwise pitiful, accessories that will give you that just right humble peasant, slave, vegabond or destitute villager look.


We have viking helmets, viking swords, axes, daggers, breastplates, fur viking costumes, leather costumes, leather and fur random pieces, leather like chest pieces for men or women, leather skirts, plaid, tartan and solid kilts, sashes, togas, hooded robes, amazing fat belts and frogs for swords and daggers, wigs, beards, leather straps, animal print primitive fur clothing, leather and metal arm bands and vambraces, fur vests and coats, boots, boot covers, sandals with long leather straps, We are great at improvising.  Come and put together your viking outfit at Dallas Vintage Shop.  We have outfits for Norsemen, Goths, Highlanders, Saxons, Beowulf, Leif  Ericson and others.


From historical figures like Leif Erikssen, Erik the Red and others to Legends and Fictional characters like Hagar the Horrible we have everything you need to come up with the outfit you want to celebrate the Viking Age(793-1066).

Baldrics, Sword Belts, Frogs for Renaissance, Medieval Prrate and Steampunk Swords, Knives and Flintlocks

Priate Sword Belts, Renaissance Sword Belts, Pirate Baldrics, Renaissance sword baldrics, renaissance sword belts frogs, Baldrics, sword belts, sword frogs

Check out our huge assortment of swords, leather sword belts, leather baldrics, knives, leather knife holders, leather sword frogs, leather leg holsters for knives and flintlock guns, etc, We have quality leather sword holders and weapon holders and there are economy faux leather sword holders and frogs too. We also have leather and faux leather pouches, device holders, knife frogs, knife sheaths, dirk holders etc. in all shapes and sizes and in an unbelievable assortment of sizes and colors of leather and faux leather. When it comes to Renaissance festivals we have you covered form head to toe including weapons and weapon holders.

Pirate, Gladiator, Renaissance Festival, Medieval, Viking, Crusader, Weapon Sword Belts, Baldrics and Frogs

Scarborough Faire Weapons Swords, Renaissance & Medieval Baldrics and Sword Frogs, Sword Belts and Frogs, Renaissance Costume Swords and Accessories

We have all the Swords, Knives, Sword Belts, Baldrics and Frogs you will need to complete your Ren Fest, Scarborough Fair or Renaissance Outfit.


Period Costume Jewelry: Medieval, Renaissance, Baroque, Gothic, Fantasy, Royalty, Vikings, Wizards, Witches, Masquerade, etc.

Period Costume Jewelry: Medieval Jewelry, Renaissance Jewelry, Baroque Jewelry, Gothic Jewelry, Fantasy Costume Jewelry, Royalty Style Jewelry, Vikings Costume Jewelry, Wizards Costume Jewelry, Witches Costume Jewelry, Masquerade Costume Jewelry, ,Renaissance Broaches, Renaissance Crosses, Renaissance Belts, Renaissance Chokers, Renaissance Necklaces

Renaissance Medallions, Renaissance Amulets, Renaissance Broaches, Renaissance Crosses, Renaissance Belts, Renaissance Chokers, Renaissance Necklaces and so, so much more!

Men & Ladies Renaissance, Medieval, Royalty, Knights Period Jewelry

Mens Medieval and Renaissance Jewelry, Mens Renaissance Costume Jewelry, Mens Renaissance Royalty Jewelery, Renaissance Royalty Jewelry, Renaissance Costumes

We have all the mens Renaissance and Medieval Costumes and Accessories including Jewelry fit for a King or any class. As a matter of fact we have costume Jewelry for any decade, century and even fantasy.