The Cotton Club, Harlem Renaissance Attire, 1920’s & 1930’s Beaded Gowns,

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Here is an example of some of our Absolutely Gorgeous Cotton Club, Harlem Renaissance Attire. These 1920’s & 1930’s  Prohibition Era Cotton Club Beaded Gowns are plentiful here. We have the Jazz Era Jewelry, Shoes and Costumes you want. The Legendary Cotton Club was the Mecca for the best of the Black Entertainment & other performance icons of the 20’s & 30’s. It was a the place for the Rich & Famous gathered from Celebrities & Wealthy Socialites to Underworld Gangsters. We have all the Period Costumes you want from head to toe. Or, you can get just the pieces you need to Jazz Up your existing Prohibition Era Outfits. We have complete outfits ranging from economy to moderate pricing to celebrity status quality.

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