The Cattle Baron’s Ball Scoop: What to Wear, Dress Code

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This long post will be especially interesting to those new to Cattle Baron’s Ball Dallas.  What to Wear? Here is the Cattle Baron’s Ball Fashion Scoop. The theme for arguably, Dallas’ most highly anticipated Charity Event is ‘Sapphires & Spurs.’ Western Boots, Hats & Big Belt Buckles are standard equipment so they are highly recommended if you want to blend in. Guys and Gals love the fact that their blue jeans, starched, designer or otherwise, are not only comfortable but very well accepted, especially if you look stunning, studly or curvy in them. You can expect to see a lot of leather pants, vests and blazers in addition to leather or suede skirts that may be tight fitting or fringed and worn with interesting belts that might or might not be studded with rhinestones, conchos or turquoise. Big buckles are a plus. You will see just about everything imaginable because the Cattle Baron’s Ball attendees are diverse, meaning, you’ll see Cattle Baron’s Ball Association Members and Donors of Prestige and Status that embrace, or even flaunt the culture but their guests and visitors may not. Neophytes may or may not fully understand or appreciate the sophistication, exclusivity and philanthropic gravity of the Dallas version of the Cattle Baron’s Ball. Some dress fabulously in the latest haute fashions, accessorized with Western and Southwestern flavored accessories. But frankly, others, not so much.  Most Dallas people don’t wear or even own Western or Cowboy attire and would consider that prospect a quaint or even novel idea, therefore, your dress or outfit is not necessarily expected to be ‘western apparel’ at all. Others look forward to this Western themed event as a welcomed fashion diversion so they dress with panache. In other words, expect variety, and definitely expect to see trendy & popular, if not exclusive designer attire and couture, posh or elegant dresses, which are highly celebrated, especially if they are memorable and are fodder for lingering discussions. Just remember to accessorize with equally gorgeous jewelry, boots and hats. The hemlines, you’ll find, are all over the place, but almost all are high enough, or slit high enough to show off a little, or at least some, leg because legs look great in a well chosen pair of Cowgirl Boots, keeping in mind that Dallas Cattle Baron’s Ball is considered more conservative than its counterparts. Don’t be surprised when you see a ‘Sunday Best’ Outfit, with or without a Cowboy, Cowgirl or Western theme. Charity comes in many packages and generosity is in vogue no matter your age or style. Relax and get into the spirit of giving. Honestly, it’s fun and appreciated, but not required that your fashion ensemble have even a subtle or mild Cowboy, Cowgirl or Texas Style about.  It is best if your fashion sensation is well behaved, rather than explicit, especially if you aspire to rise in the Dallas Association. Conformity goes a long way but don’t be stuffy. There is nothing wrong with dressing up and looking great for this Famous Texas Sized Charity Event. Having said all that, some of the biggest givers have been known to dress almost inconspicuously and some guests and employees of the largest corporate sponsors are almost nonchalant about the whole Dallas Cattle Baron’s Ball dress-up ordeal. That’s okay, they sometimes let their giving do the talking or they may be new to Dallas, and Dallasites tend to err on the side of overdressing. Whatever the case, this is one annual ‘see and be seen’ occasion that is intensely anticipated all year long for its exceptional fashions & local big shot and celebrity sightings. Seriously, whether you take months or weeks dieting and spend mega bucks on body sculpting in preparation for the ‘Charity Event of the Year,’ it helps to know that it really is all for the sake of charity, and this really is one mega fund raiser so have some fun dressing up and give a lot. Remember, gregarious giving always enhances your fashion statement at the Cattle Baron’s Ball. If you have trouble getting into dressing up to go out, or you are unsure of what to wear, try to develop a little appreciation for the enjoyable art of competitive dressing up, as it will go a long way in a city that has innumerable dressy or costume themed charitable events. So, “Pour yourself a drink, put on some lipstick and pull yourself together…” as Elizabeth Taylor would say. Actually, we have some fun, if not unique suggestions that might work for you and are sure to help you look unforgettably good, and looking good is really a staple of the Cattle Baron’s Ball. We could dress you like a country music star in traditional, shabby chic, understated or overstated Western Attire. If you are not ready to take it that far, consider integrating certain elements of these concepts into your current ‘go to’ dressy outfit. That is a typical choice for many. Consider your favorite ‘Out on the Town’ outfit with one or two dramatic or subtle but characteristically Western or Cowboy iconic articles of  clothing or accessories thrown into the mix.  How about a suave southern cowboy or charming but sophisticated country diva? We could pull together a smooth or gaudy Southwestern or Santa Fe fashion ensemble for a lady or a man. Consider dressing up in laid-back, refined or seriously Old West or modern Western cowboy attire that is integrated with modern cocktail party or formal Attire to create a sophisticated, cosmopolitan but Western flair. We have quality Sapphire costume jewelry, good looking blazers, killer Western vests, Western wear name brand pants, Western suits, ascots, boot tips, collar tips, bolo ties, belt buckles and other accessories in stock. You may already have Cattle Baron’s Ball worthy fashions, but you need help with your hat, jewelry or accessories. We are here to encourage and help.

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