SRF 2021: Artisan’s Showcase Weekend, April 17 & 18: Merchant Class Attire

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SRF 2021 Weekend Theme for April 17-18 is Artisan’s Showcase. We have Themed Costumes for every Weekend of Scarborough Renaissance Festival in Waxahachie, TX. We have Men’s Vendor & Merchant Class Renaissance Costume Ideas that you cannot imagine. Our Renaissance & Medieval Costumes are the largest & most diverse collection in Texas. We also have SRF 2021 Covid Update in this post


SRF 2021 Weekend Themes: April 17-18, Artisan’s Showcase Costume Ideas

Need SRF Costume Ideas for Artisan’s Showcase Weekend? Just look at the traveling Merchant Costume above. That is just a sample of what we can do for you. From surf or merchant class to royalty & fantasy, nobody has a larger or more complete selection of Renaissance, Medieval or Fantasy Costumes for kids & adults than Dallas Vintage Shop.

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Covid 19 Protocols for SRF 2021

SCARBOROUGH RENAISSANCE FESTIVAL April 17-18, 2021: Artisan’s Showcase is the Weekend Theme

Go to Scarborough Renaissance Festival Official Website for Complete Details, Dates, Maps, Dress Codes, Tickets and more.

April 10 & 11 – Opening Weekend/Travel Back in Time

April 17 & 18 – Artisan’s Showcase Weekend

April 24 & 25 – Royal Ale Festival

May 1 & 2 – Live the Fantasy/Spring Celebration

May 8 & 9 – Celebrating Chivalry Weekend

May 15 & 16 – Celtic Weekend

May 22 & 23 – Legends of the Seas Weekend

May 29, 30, & 31 – The Last Huzzah

Dallas Vintage Shop has Renaissance, Medieval & Fantasy Costumes & Accessories of all of the above Renaissance Festival Themed Weekends.

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You will be amazed by our SCARBOROUGH RENAISSANCE FESTIVAL costume selection!

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