Professional Santa: Premium Quality Santa Suits, Accessories, Super Deluxe Santa Suits, Deluxe Santa Wigs & Beards.

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We have this Professional Santa, Deep Red, Plush Suit and other High Quality Santa Suits in stock. There are various price points from Super Deluxe Quality Santa Clause Complete Outfits to Median & Economy Choices. You will find Supreme Santa Wigs, Beards, Caps, Belts, Boots, Boot Covers, Gloves, Eye Glasses & More.


For the Largest & Most Diverse Selection of Professional Santa Suits in the Dallas, DFW & North Texas Area, you have to come to Dallas Vintage Shop.

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Our Santa Suits come in a Huge Variety of Prices & Qualities that have been described as Majestic, Lush, Plush, Luxurious or Superlative. Dallas Vintage Shop will have the Santa Suits with Caps and all the Santa Accessories you need. From Various Bright Reds to an array of Deep Reds, you will find a myriad of Red Shades. The White Fur Trim on Santa’s Suits may vary from a Thick, Rich Density to a Typical Plush. We also have Luxurious, Long, Wispy Fur or Short Dense Fur Trim. The Quality of the Boot Covers & Belts also vary.


Dallas Vintage Shop is HQ for Professional & Amateur Santa’s in the North Texas Area. Is it time to replace or upgrade your Santa Clause Outfit or Accessories? Ultra Supreme Quality Santa Replacement Accessories to Median & Economy Priced Santa Supplies are always  very well stocked.  You will find many, many styles of Santa Wigs, Santa Beards, Santa Eyebrows, Crepe Hair, Makeup & Eyebrow Color. We also have a huge selection of Santa Caps, Glasses, Gloves, Belts, Boots & Boot Covers available.

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Welcome to your PROFESSIONAL SANTA SUITS HQ & Full Line, Theatrical Costume Shop: DFW’s One Stop Costume Shop!

Dallas Vintage Shop is a Brick & Mortar, One Stop Shop for Costumes & Vintage Clothing! DRIVE across the Metroplex, take the DART TRAIN, hitch an UBER RIDE or FLY to Dallas. It’s worth the trip!


Nobody Beats our Santa Suit Collection!

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