Lewis and Clark, the Oregon Trail, etc.

Lewis and Clark, the Oregon Trail, wagon trains, the Gold Rush, Davie Crocket, Ben Franklin, Abe Lincoln, Civil War, wild west, pilgrims, Antebellum, breeches, 10 gallon hats, fur-caps, buckle shoes, waist-coats, flowing overcoats, petticoats, tricorns, capes, hooded cloaks, farmers, long linen shirts, knit stockings, leather vests coats skirts, suede and fringe coats, skirts, fur coats, fur collars, muskets, rifles, six-shooters, gun belts and holsters, wide country suspenders, wools and burlap, silk and velvet breeches, skirts and dresses, imported English fashions for those who could afford it, hoop skirts, corsets, leather shoes, silk stockings. Simple to elaborate framed hairdos, full skirts, dresses showing off bright petticoats, while linen ruffled collars and cuffs, gold braids, bonnets “big wigs”, cocked hats, tie wigs, cowboy hats, bolero’s top hats, bowlers, newsboys, derbies, ladies hats galore!

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