How to keep your kids entertained during COVID-19

One of the biggest questions parents are finding themselves asking this month is,

“How do I keep my child entertained during the quarantine?”

Well, you are in luck! We’ve put together a fun list of things to do and ways to dress up to ensure not only your son/daughter’s entertainment, but even your own!

Kids love to play.  They love games, toys, singing, dancing; but most of all DRESS-UP! Playing pretend is a fun and educational way to keep children entertained and mom and dad sane during this time. Sit down and think about what your child enjoys and we can help you find a costume to match it.


Children love Superheros. And we have s many to chose from at Dallas Vintage Shop! Whether she’s conjuring up snow and saving the day like Elsa  or he’s fighting bad guys as Captain America. You can play the villain and let them defeat you or reenact a scene from their favorite movie. Either way, your child is sure to feel super in their Superhero Costume!

Elsacaptain america


If your little one dreams of sailing the seas, say “Aye Matey” and find some amazing pirate costumes! For more fun build n entire ship from cardboard and walk the plan into a sea full of pillows! Remember, whatever they dress up as now can be turned into next year’s Halloween costume and anything pirate can even become a fun renaissance costume the fair comes around!


Princess and/or Prince

Being a princess can be so much fun, but don’ leave your little prince out! We have a plethra of fun, frily, colorful princess dresses for your daughter to be a new one every day of the week if she so wishes. Your prince can create his own cardboard castle or slay a dragon to save the kingdom.  It’s all up the them and whatever their imagination decides.





Animal onsies are always a hit with little ones. They love to Roar, Squawk, Scream, and crawl around making a giant mess! Toddlers and younger children especially love learning sounds, alphabet, numbers and more while dressed as an animal. Or maybe even you can dress up and teach your little one about your animal? Creativity runs amok with the animals!






Add fun to the real life you are teaching your children during homeschooling by checking out some of our historical costumes! Children can learn about science dressed as Einstein or Historical facts as Roman soldiers.  The ideas go on and on and Dallas Vintage Shop can find a costume for any subject!





Disney Princess

Who could forget Disney Princesses? She can dress up and watch her favorite princess, sing Disney songs, and twirl in every glittery gown you can think of!


Is your child a natural storyteller? Do they love to listen to fairytales? You can find all the fairytale costumes for any story, tale, idea, or book they can come up with. There are so many ideas from Robinhood, to mermaids, to wizards and more!

Find more COVID-19 Costumes and ideas 

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