Cotton Club Black Entertainer, Lena Horne at age 16 in 1930s Attire. Get Jazz Age, Prohibition Era & Harlem Renaissance Fashions

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Cotton Club Chorus Girl, Lena Horne, was a Cotton Club chorus Girl at age 16 in 1930s. The Cotton Club was the showcase for The Latest and the Greatest Black Entertainers of the Jazz Age & Prohibition Era. Located in Harlem, in New York City, The Cotton Club was the epicenter of the Harlem Renaissance. The Legendary Night Club was Patronized by wealthy Socialites and underworld Gangsters. The Cotton Club was certain to be a fashion show of the most Elegant or Risque Styles of the 1920’s & 1930’s. You will find that we have all the Period Attire & Costumes you need for Theatrical or Film Productions and for Theme Parties & Gala Charity Balls. Get Complete Cotton Club Outfits or just  the pieces or accessories you need.

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