Belle Scrooge Fiancee Costume: Dickens Character Belle is Ebenezer Scrooge’s Girlfriend.

Belle Scrooge Fiancee Costume, Belle Christmas Carol Costume, Ebenezer Scrooge Fiancee Belle Costume, Belle Dickens Scrooge Fiancee Dress, Scrooge's Girlfriend Belle Attire from Dallas Vintage Shop.

Belle Scrooge Fiancee Costume: This Gorgeous Dickens Christmas Carol Party Dress for Belle, Ebenezer Scrooge’s Girlfriend is available at Dallas Vintage Shop. We have all the Fezziwig Christmas Party Dresses & Dickens Ladies Attire you can imagine.

Belle Scrooge Fiancee Costume and All Dickens Theatrical Costumes & Other COSTUME CATEGORIES:

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Dickens Lovely Belle Scrooge Fiancee Costume & Other Dickens Theatrical Costumes

Nobody has more Holiday, Dickens Era Attire, including this Belle Scrooge Fiancee Costume, shown above, as well as Dickens Characters Outfits from ‘A Christmas Carol’ than Dallas Vintage Shop. Be Amazed at our Jacob Marley and all the Ghosts & Spirits of Christmas Costumes, Accessories, Makeup, Wigs & Facial Hair.  You can create any character from ‘A Christmas Carol.’ Get Dickens Theatrical Costumes including, but not limited to, the following Characters:

  • ‘A Christmas Carol’ Ebenezer Scrooge
  • ‘A Christmas Carol’ Bob Cratchit
  • ‘A Christmas Carol’ Mr. Smythe & Daughter Grace
  • ‘A Christmas Carol’ Ghost of Jacob Marley
  • ‘A Christmas Carol ’Ghost of Christmas Past
  • ‘A Christmas Carol’ Ghost of Christmas Present
  • ‘A Christmas Carol’ Ghost of Christmas Future
  • ‘A Christmas Carol’ Younger Ebenezer Scrooge
  • ‘A Christmas Carol’ The Cratchit Family & Tiny Tim
  • ‘A Christmas Carol’ Fred, Scrooge’s Nephew
  • ‘A Christmas Carol’ Belle, Scrooge’s Fiancee
  • ‘A Christmas Carol’ Fanny, Scrooge’s Sister
  • ‘A Christmas Carol’ Mr. & Mrs. Fezziwig
  • ‘A Christmas Carol’ Fezziwig Christmas Party Goers
  • ‘A Christmas Carol’ Townspeople
  • ‘A Christmas Carol’ Carolers

‘A Christmas Carol’ Belle Scrooge Fiancee Costume & Fezziwig’s Party Goers Costume Ideas from DFW’s Largest, Permanent Theatrical Costume Shop

You’ll love our Belle, Ebenezer Scrooge’s Fiancee Costume, Dickens Era Party Dress and other Wonderful Holiday Outfits for ‘A Christmas Carol.’ Belle & Scrooge Outfits are incredible. Dickens Theatrical Holiday Production Wardrobes or Dickens Characters Costumes are Unlimited. We have whatever you need for Christmas Theme Parties, Victorian Christmas Celebrations, Dickens Festivals, Film or Theatrical Productions. Always check with Dallas Vintage Shop first because we are the One Stop Christmas Production & Theme Party HQ for DFW. We might save you a ton of time & effort running around and worrying about where on earth to find all the costumes and accessories you need for small or large events or productions. Get all the makeup, wigs & Period Attire for any costumes imaginable, all in one place. Stop worrying about wardrobe nightmares and dress rehearsal disasters, unless you just like the drama.

Find ‘A Christmas Carol’ Belle, Scrooge’s Fiancee Costume & All Dickens Theatrical Costumes from Dallas Vintage Shop, DFW’s One Stop Christmas Costume Shop

Dallas Vintage Shop is a Brick & Mortar, One Stop Shop for Costumes & Vintage Clothing! DRIVE across the Metroplex, take the DART TRAIN, hitch an UBER RIDE or FLY to Dallas. It’s worth the trip!


Nobody Beats our Christmas Party & Holiday Theatrical Costumes: We have the Quality, Quantity and Diversity you Want.

From Supreme Quality Theatrical Wardrobes to Holiday Theme Party Costume Ideas, your choices are Unlimited. We are the Encyclopedia of Costume Ideas and that certainly applies to Theatrical Productions like ‘A Christmas Carol’ Characters, like the Lovely Belle Outfit, shown above. Get the Fiance of Ebenezer Scrooge or any of the Ghosts Costumes & Makeup at Dallas Vintage Shop. Throw your own Fezziwig Theme Party for the Holidays and invite the Dickens Era into your home.

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