1950’s Iconic Costumes: Marilyn Monroe, ‘Seven Year Itch’ Costume

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Get High Quality Costumes for all the Most Popular 1950’s Costumes. This Marilyn Monroe, ‘Seven Year Itch,’ 1954 Movie Costume is supreme. The 1954 Marilyn Monroe White Halter Dress and the Marilyn Monroe Wig, accurate for this 50’s Marilyn Hairstyle, is one example of the 1950’s Costumes we keep in stock all year round. Who is your Favorite 50’s Movie Star or Celebrity? We have a costume for that. We have plenty of Vintage 50’s Attire, High Quality 50’s Reproductions, 50’s Costumes and more Period Correct 1950’s Accessories than you’ll find anywhere in Dallas, North Texas or on Planet Earth. Get Super High Quality 50’s Outfits or 50’s Median and Economy Priced Costumes for Theatrical or Theme Party uses.

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