1930’s Style

Men’s suits were often double breasted and pinstriped. Traditional plaids wools and tweeds were also worn. Ties were wide, colors were muted and earth tones, art deco, geometrics and other interesting patterns were used. Footwear included wingtips, two-tones, browns, spats and weaves. Fedoras, newsboys, derbies and bowlers were sometimes worn. Baggy pants with suspenders, cooper colors, canes and overcoats. In general fashion was dictated by what common people could afford during the Great Depression. The rich and famous could get away with more gregarious attire. This was the time of Gene Harlow in her famous bias cut gowns and May West made their own fashion statements. Hemlines varied from ankle length to just below the knees.

Dresses were full flowing, a-line to fitted skirts. Greens browns, maroons, navies, blacks, beiges, polka-dots, large and small patterns were common then. Most of the time bright colors were avoided. Shoes, hats, purses, jewelry were worn to match the styles of the day. Boogie-woogie and swing was the new sound of jazz. On the dance floor the swingers wore maryjanes, saddle shoes and one inch heels. Hairstyles were getting long again. Cardigans were in.

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