Cosplay Westworld Character Delores Abernathy Pants Look

Best westworld Costumes, westworld character costumes, Delores

Join the revolution with Dolores’ pants look. Cosplay Dolores with a Brown Cowboy Hat, Blue/White Shirt, Brown Belt, Grey Skinny Jeans or Chaps, Brown Leather Boots, and Twin Pistols with Holsters. You can also cosplay Dolores’ look as a host with a Full Dolores Abernathy Dress Costume.

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How to Dress like The Man in Black from Westworld

Best westworld Costumes, westworld character costumes, The man in black

The Man In Black isn’t afraid of anything, and no one stands a chance while he has a gun in his hand. Even his cigars are an explosion in disguise. The Man In Black’s costume is classy yet simple. You need a black outback hat, a long sleeve suit, a black winter scarf, a suit dress vest, vintage long sleeve shirt, Western boots, a wild west gun, Black straight-leg jeans, and a knife.

If you need Realistic Cowboy, Old West Attire for Theatrical, Historical or Theme Party Costumes, we have them in stock.  No matter what you need: Fictional Old West Characters, Movie Icons, Quality Garb, Cheesy Cow Poke Costumes, Everyday Western Vintage, Modern Western Attire, Wild West Characters Costumes, Old West Period Attire, ‘High Falutin,’ Victorian Western Town’s People Wardrobes, Rough and Tumble Outlaw Duds, we’ve got them too. We have authentic replica weapons and old west creased felt and fur felt hats, vintage Western bolo ties, and all the articles of clothing you’ll ever need is here to outfit fancy ranch owners, crooked town Sheriffs and river boat gamblers.  Get fancy Old West formal attire or cattle drive dusters and rustic chaps.

Clementine Westworld Cosplay; Saloon Girl Dress

Best westworld Costumes, westworld character costumes, Clementine

Clementine’s dress, especially when paired with some late 1800s accessories and cowboy boots and fishnets. Pop a feather in your hair to match the dress and grab a fan and you’ll be part of the show. So the real question will be, are you a host or a guest?

Get Theatrical Victorian Old West Saloon Girl Period Attire, Old West Victorian Fancy Riding Hats, Old West Victorian Ladies Boots, Petticoats, Vintage Stockings & Garters, Gloves & Fishnet Gloves, Old West Gothic Victorian Jewelry, Chokers and everything you need for any Old West Victorian Costumes. Come to us for Superior Quality Old West Saloon Girl Costume along with any of your favorite Victorian Era Famous Historical, Theatrical, Movie or TV Show Characters.

Westworl Cosplay; Maeve Millay Pre-Revelation Costume

westworld character cosplay, westworld costumes, maeve millay

Maeve’s brothel costume with a Victorian Dress, Thigh High Fish Net stockings, Fingerless Fish Net Gloves, Western Boots,  Necklace, and a Fuchsia Goose Feather to dress her look up a little more. Take pride in being the most fabulous brothel madam in town — the one who’s about to change the game for all of Westworld. Even in a dress.

We have an unbelievable huge selection of Old West Saloon Girls Attire. Our Quality Victorian Saloon Girl Attire can Outfit you from head to toe including Old West Victorian Period Jewelry, Shoes, Gloves, Garter Stockings, Corsets, Bustles and even Old West Saloon Girl Wigs. The Victorian Saloon Girl Costume pictured here is one stunning example of Old West Ladies Outfits that are plentiful at Dallas Vintage Shop. We also carry economy quality and mid priced quality Old West attire for men and ladies. Our specialty is complete outfits with all the accessories and exceptional extra touches. Get an entire wardrobe, one complete costume or just the pieces you want.

‘Westworld’ Movie Costume, Old West Outfits; Lawrence “El Lazo”

Best westworld Costumes, westworld character costumes, Lawrence

Lawrence “El Lazo” Pedro Maria Gonzalez may not be the most well-known character but his outfit is still a statement. Old West Authentic Cowboy Railroad Striped Pants & Vests with Keepers, Original Old West Color & Patterned Banded Collar Shirts, Old West Leather Vests & Old West Leather Chaps, Authentic Old West Vintage Creased 1800’s Style Western Hats, Gun Belts & Holsters, Old West Replica Pistols, Authentic Sized and Styled Old West Bandanas & Neckerchiefs, Vintage Cowboy Boots complete the look. Of course, you can mix and match and create any cowboy character you would like making this outfit one of the most versatile.

We are open all year round to offer Theatrical Old West Costumes & Accessories, Old West Reenactment Gear & Old West Festival Event Outfits. Old West Gunslingers & Sheriffs cross paths here. Which are you?

Westworld TV Show Costumes; Dress like Hector Escaton

Best westworld Costumes, westworld character costumes, hector escaton

Of all the characters from the HBO Westworld series, Hector Escaton is the biggest and baddest bandit of them all. As a Westworld host, Hector is also a permanent most wanted rough bandit in the park. Cosplay Hector Escaton, with a Black Leather Jacket, Pants, a Black Cowboy Hat, Cowboy Boots, Black Leather Gloves, Rifle Scabbard, and Buck Gun.

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