Trailer trash

“For ya’ll girls we got an animal print section to die for!” For starters how’se about spandex animal print pants, latex animal print pants, animal print mini-skirts and dresses, animal print big-shouldered dresses, fishnets and other fun stockings, really, really hoochie high-hills, combat boots and house shoes, ugly loud blouses and jackets, animal print peddle-pushers, etc. All kinds of fur, terrycloth, denim, pleather, nylon, neons, polyester, lumea, and other gross or otherwise disgusting fabrics and materials that never should have been used for articles of vintage clothing for men and women. It’s the largest collection of trailer trash clothing in captivity. We have wigs, hats, t-shirts, overalls, acid wash denim, mesh shirts, wind suits and a lot of other stuff that is unfit and inappropriate for men and women to wear, and its available for you.

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