Swing is King!

Wether you are a dance competitor, professional dancer, or if you just want a swing dance costume for a big band, jazz, blues, Murder Mystery Theater or otherwise a swing theme party, we have an amazingly huge collection of vintage clothing and accessories that you will not believe until you see it. Spats, spat shoes, fedoras, gloves, pocket watches, zoot suits, zoot hats, zoot chains, amazing ties, pocket squares, suspenders, bow ties, baggy pleated pants in stripes, satins, checkers, silks, wild colors, etc., Really cool vintage vests and sweater vests and for the girls an unbelievable selection of all styles or swing style dresses including vintage, retro, modern or other styles that will be great for swing dancing or costumes for a swing party. Wigs-many styles, gloves in many styles, colors, fabrics and lengths, stockings with seams, fishnets with or without seams, amazing, amazing collection of shoes, hats and jewelery that will complete the vintage or modern swing look.

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