Royal Masquerade Ball NYE 2019 December 31st

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Make Plans to Attend Royal Masquerade Ball NYE 2019 Monday, December 31st, 2018 @ West End Event Center2019 N Lamar St, Dallas, Texas 75202. You have found the most Excellent source for Mardi Gras Formal Attire & Masks. There is always a Huge Selection of Masquerade Costumes, Masquerade Masks and Accessories In Stock here, all year round. There is Racks of Formal  Tuxedos, Tail Coats & Tux Accessories for any Masquerade Ball Occasions.

Royal Masquerade Ball NYE 2019

Details: The Royal Masquerade Ball  Date and Time: Mon, Dec 31, 2018, 9:00 PM – Tue, Jan 1, 2019, 2:00 AM

NYE The Royal Masquerade Ball Location: West End Event Center 2019 North Lamar Street Dallas, TX 75202

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Get The Royal Masquerade Ball 2019 Tickets: $199 – $4,500

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Quote from Royal Masquerade Ball NYE 2019 organizers, The Kelman Group:


The Royal Masquerade Ball

Look around you, it’s New Years Eve! You are counting down surrounded by the people you care about most in life. They have champagne bottles in hand wearing cocktail dresses and suits and they look beautiful. You have a euphoric feeling from the forgotten number of drinks you had from the open bar through the night. You are standing in with friends and newly introduced friends. Everyone hands are waving, here it comes:
Corks fly through the air, streams of champagne; laughter, kisses, congratulations, applause, singing, dancing, handshakes, pats on the back, everyone is excited for the future- this is what life is about.


It’s your best one yet and you think back to when you saw this website on your computer.
And you’re glad you came!


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