Renaissance is French for “rebirth.” During the 1300’s-1500’s Europe underwent economic and cultural changes signified by changes in the intellectual, economic, cultural, religious, scientific and political life or all levels of society. When Greek philosophy and Arabic knowledge infused into the culture and politics of Europe the world eventually changed in every way imaginable. With these exchanges of ideas and information the feudalism of the Middle Ages would slowly, gradually wain. Society would reject the ideas that had controlled society in the past. The old ways of the Dark Ages would be rejected and no longer would people accept the concepts of manorialism and peasantry, or lords, vassals and fiefs. The Renaissance had an early effect in Italy. Italy, rich in silk and jewelry, benefited financially, artistically, culturally, scientifically, and in many other ways so it was logical that their culture of fashion also began to flourish. To make a centuries old story short, suffice it to say that the same changes gradually swept across Europe including Spain, France, England and other countries which also had majors effects on fashion among other things.

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