'Genies & Fortune Tellers'

Handsome Genie Costume: Arabian, Magical or any Famous Genie Attire

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We can provide any Genie Costume imaginable. This Arabian, Magical Genie Outfit is just one example of the many, many different styles of International, Famous or Movie Character Genie Costumes we keep in stock always.

We Stock a Huge Selection of Genie Outfits. You will Find Arabian, Magical, Fantasy, Cartoon, Movie Characters, Gypsy or International Genie Costumes. Get entire Genie Outfits or just the pieces you need. We have many styles & sizes of Genie Turbans, Genie Pants, Genie Shirts, Genie Sashes, Genie Lamps, Mustaches, Earrings, Genie Shoes, Rings, Medallions and Genie Hats & Feathers.

Barbara Eden ‘I Dream of Jeannie’ Costume for Belly Dancers & Theme Parties

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This ‘I Dream of Jeannie’, Barbera Eden Costume is only one of the many creative costume idea we keep in stock for genies & belly dancers. We can hook you up with any famous or International Genie Outfits you have ever heard of. You will find complete outfits or just the accessories you need to update or to modify your belly dancing outfit.


Magical Genie Costumes: Create your own Genie or copy any Movie, Cartoon or Legendary Genie Character.

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For the highest quality Magical Genie Costumes, Turbans, Cloaks & Accessories, come see us. It’s all in stock all year round. Create your own Genie or copy any Movie, Cartoon or Legendary Genie Character you like.

Nobody beats our Quality & Selection of Magical Genie Costumes. We have any Genie Outfits, Famous or Cartoon Character Genies. Get complete ensembles or just the Genie Elaborate Turbans, Fancy Male Genie Wardrobes, Crystal Balls for Genies, Traveling Gypsy Style Elaborate Costumes or Professional Quality Magical Genie Attire you need.

Belly Dancer Costumes: Jasmine, the Little Jeannie Costume

Dallas Belly Dancer Costumes, Dallas Harem Pants and Costumes, Jasmine Aladdin Costume DFW

We have Jeannie costumes, Harem costumes, Belly Dancer costumes, Gypsy costumes, and many other costume ideas for belly dancing classes or costume parties.

Carnival Gypsies in Bright, Festive Outfits, Ren Fest Performing Gypsy Garb

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Just look at these Carnival Gypsies in Bright, Festive Outfits. We have enough Gypsy Costumes to outfit an entire Circus or event an entire Renaissance Festival. You will find Men’s and Ladies Gypsy Costumes that will impress you. All sizes & All Types of Gypsies from Circus Performers to Earthy Woods Dwelling Mystic Gypsies. From Traveling Caravan Gypsies to Fortune Teller Gypsies, From Gypsy Princesses to Dagger Throwing Bandit Gypsies. We have the Gypsy Costumes you need. Get Coin Scarves & Clanking Coin Jewelry, Earrings, Bracelets and so much Gypsy Garb and Trinkets you wont believe it. See the Following Costume Categories:  Belly Dancing, Genies & Fortune Tellers, Gypsies,, Medieval, Renaissance,Tribal,  Burning Man, Arabian, Moroccan,  Bedouins.,

See More ‘Gypsies’ Costumes


Vintage Eclectic Purses, Eclectic Steampunk Purses, Eclectic Victorian Steampunk Purses, Tiny Beaded Purses, Tiny Costume Purses

Vintage Eclectic Purses, Eclectic Steampunk Purses, Eclectic Victorian Steampunk Purses, Tiny Beaded Purses, Tiny Costume Purses

Vintage Eclectic Purses, Eclectic Steampunk Purses, Eclectic Victorian Steampunk Purses, Tiny Beaded Purses, Tiny Costume Purses

Men & Ladies Renaissance, Medieval, Royalty, Knights Period Jewelry

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We have all the mens Renaissance and Medieval Costumes and Accessories including Jewelry fit for a King or any class. As a matter of fact we have costume Jewelry for any decade, century and even fantasy.

Royalty, Ladies, Princess and Maiden Jewelry: Medieval, Renaissance and Fantasy

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Jewelry and Accessories makes the costume and we have costume jewelry for any decade, any century, any theme, any costume and any class or character from Royalty to Riff Raff, Couture to Trailer Trash, Hippie to Debutante or from Preppy Boy to Pimp Daddy.