Jazz bands will love our collection of clothing, shoes and accessories. From the Jazz Era to Swing and Big Band, Bebop, Cool Jazz, Dixieland, New Orleans and Memphis Jazz and right up through “All That Jazz” the Broadway hit and the more recent movie Chicago. Benny Goodman, Duke Ellington, Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, Tony Dorsey, Artie Shaw, Glen Miller and Dizzy Gillespie. Get that jazzy look here if you want to dress like your favorite artist or dancer from the flapper look to the sleek night club singer or create your own modern or vintage jazz look with our enormous collection of jazzy fedoras, cabbies, newsboys and other hats with the 20’s, 30’s, 40’s, 50’s look and more. Some have argyle, houndstoothe , herringbone, and other unique and otherwise indescribably cool patterns. We got the largest collection of the most sporty, nifty, sleek, swinging vests, ties, bowties, suspenders, sweaters, shoes, suits, tuxedos and sport coats you have ever seen. And just as much stuff for the girls. Come create your own look-we’ll help you.See also: The 20’s

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