'Poodle Skirts'

Poodle Skirts

Children’s Poodle Skirts

50s Poodle Skirt

Dallas has poodle skirts.  Poodle skirts for children, poodle skirts for youth, poodle skirts for adults in all sizes, colors, and styles, from traditional felt poodle skirts to fancy fabrics and colors with poodle blouses, saddle shoes, scarves, belts, cat eye glasses in over 20 styles and colors plus more jewelery and accessories than you can imagine.  We have fancy tops and blouses, 50’s sweaters, pink ladies jackets and tough girl, Sandy from Grease, West Side Story, Back to the Future, swing dance, hanger dance, USO dance party costumes, vintage clothing and a lot more.

WARNING: Dallas Vintage Shop has true pedigree vintage attire. However, we also provide fancy theme party costumes for any decade, century or theme. We don’t claim to be the typical vintage boutique. Although we have enormous quantities of amazing vintage, we also provide theme party costumes with the, “Wow!” factor. Some people prefer vintage, but many prefer new. Therefore, we have quality replicas and costumes in vast quantities in a gigantic variety of styles with a large range of sizes.

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