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Beauty and The Beast Mask; Full Face, Licensed

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Complete your Disney Fairy Tale Beast look with this Officially Licensed Beast Mask from Beauty and the Beast. Find the largest selection of Full Faced, Plastic, or Latex Licensed Masks in the DFW area at Dallas Vintage Shop.

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Terminator T-1000 Mask and Costume at Dallas Vintage Shop

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In Terminator 2, the Terminator T-1000 Costume seems rather simple, until it shape shifts! Top off any of our police officer costumes with a Terminator T-1000 Mask and Gloves and turn something simple into something Creative for Halloween. Find Thousands of Movie Related Cosplay Costumes at Dallas Vintage Shop!

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Get That Official Look with a Boba Fett Mask!

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Become the greatest Bounty Hunter in the world by wearing this Licensed Boba Fett Mask and Helmet. Find the Entire Outfit or just a few Accessories at Dallas Vintage Shop.

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We have Your Licensed Latex Horror Movie Masks!

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Find hundreds of Horror Movie Masks in stock for Halloween! From popular movies like Pennywise, Michael Myers, Scream, and Frankenstien. We have the top selection and top service at Dallas Vintage Shop.

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Star Wars Adult Full Face Latex Yoda Mask; Star Wars Masks

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Become a wise old Jedi this Halloween with this Latex Yoda Mask. We Have Adult and Kid’s Star Wars Compete Outfit and Accessories so you can become a Jedi or Sith whatever you like! Halloween is coming so don’t miss out, stop by Dallas Vintage Shop today!

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FIND Anime Masks for Cosplay and Halloween

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Find tons of Anime Masks, Costumes, and Accessories and Dallas Vintage Shop. Like this Sophie from Studio Ghibli’s Howl’s Moving Castle. Bring in a picture and have the helpful staff build your next Halloween Costume or Cosplay for a Convention.

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Halloween Darth Vader Mask with Helmet; Star Wars Masks;

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Complete your Dark Side Costume this Halloween with this Quality Star Wars Darth Vader Mask and Helmet. We have Star Wars Masks and Accessories for any Character you choose to be at Dallas Vintage Shop!

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Easter Bunny Masks; Latex Rabbit; Full Face Fur Masks

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Easter Bunny Masks for all occasions are available at Dallas Vintage Shop. You can find Creepy Latex Rabbit Masks (like in the Movie “The Man in the Rabbit Mask”) or Fluffy Furry Full Faced Rabbit, even the White Rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, and any other Animal Mask you are looking for! We have Full Outfits or just a few Accessories to complete your outfit for Halloween and more.

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Halloween Scary Masks; Horror Masks; Ghastly Masks

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We have Scary masks, Horror masks, Classic Monster Masks; whatever you need, our Superior Quality Latex Masks are sure to please the whole family. Find the right Halloween Mask including Creepy Clown Masks, Scary Leatherface, Dreadful Werewolves, Ghastly Zombies; we have it all at Dallas Vintage Shop!

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Best Cosplay Character Masks; Latex, Plastic, Full Face, Movie, Anime, Comic

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FIND the Best Cosplay Character Masks in DFW Area at Dallas Vintage Shop. We have Movie Characters, Anime Characters, Marvel Comics, DC Comics, Latex, and many more. Stop in Monday-Saturday and check out the over 100 Masks waiting for you.

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