Blackland Prairie Festival

We have your bonnets, fancy Victorian hats with lace, feathers, ribbons, velvet, birds, trims, with 8 inch to 30 inch ostrich pheasant and peacock feathers, top hats, derby hats, suits, jackets, vests, ascots, bow ties, eyeglasses, dresses, capes, shawls, canes, pocket watches, wigs, frocks, gowns caplets, petticoats, bloomers, crinolines, vintage shoes, spats, a huge and diverse assortment of blouses and high-waisted skirts of taffeta, satin, sheer, cotton, velvet, lace, striped, plain, sophisticated, high necked, gibson girl, mutton sleeves, chokers of lace’ velvet, ribbon beaded-lace, combinations of ribbon and lace, fancy or simple and cameos. We have a huge selection of cames in many sizes and colors and other pieces that will amaze you. We can adapt your Victorian, Edwardian, or Romantic period costume to give you the Blackland look.

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