ANNOUNCING TRF Dates: Sep. 29-Nov. 25 2018, TRF Renaissance Lord Attire, TRF Themed Weekends

Renaissance Lord Attire

Are you Going to Texas Renaissance Festival? Dates are Sep. 29-Nov. 25, 2018. Make sure to have plenty of time to browse our Renaissance Garb & Costume Section. From Royalty to Peasant Class, Dallas Vintage Has you covered. We have the wigs, facial hair, Hats, Belts, Sword Belts, Baldrics, Swords, Weapons, Boots, Boot Covers, Jewelry, Chain of Office & anything you can imagine. This Dark Lord Ren Fest Costume is just one of many thousands of Renaissance Outfits we have in stock all year long. Please come see us, the trip is worth it.

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