UPDATE: Sherwood Forest Faire Guide 04/03-05/23 2021, McDade TX, Late Medieval Costume Ideas

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You should go to the Sherwood Forest Faire. This Austin Area Outdoor Festival is Legendary. Who is your favorite Sherwood Forest Storybook Character? Need fair maiden or dashing knight attire? We happen to have a shop stuffed with more Medieval and Renaissance Garb, Costumes and Accessories than you have ever seen or heard of. Talk about choices: find Royalty, Peasant, Merchant Class & Clergy complete costumes or just the fantastic accessories of every kind imaginable. Attend Sherwood Forest Faire 04/03-05/23 2021: McDade(near Austin), Tx. Let Dallas Vintage Shop show you some amazing Medieval Renaissance or Fantasy Costume Ideas.

Sherwood Forest Faire Guide 2021

Sherwood Forest Faire  Map: McDade Texas, near Austin.

Sherwood Forest Faire: Dates & Times 04/03-05/23 2021

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Sherwood Forest Faire encourages costume participation. You can can expect to see Sherwood Forest Faire Staff in more authentic garb and visitors in outfits varying from period accurate to improvised costumes. You may dress from Royalty to Peasants, Gypsies to Pirates, from Merchant Class to Fairies and from Wenches to Knights.

“Welcome to the Annual Sherwood Forest Faire!

You are cordially invited to join us at the Faire and partake of
all that Sherwood has to offer!

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This is going to be another incredible season at Sherwood Forest Faire and we look forward to entertaining you on weekends from April 3-May 23, 2021.

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