Sherwood Forest Faire 2022 UPDATE: Royalty Invites You: Dates: Mar 5 – Apr 24, 2022, McDade, Tx: Find your own Royalty Attire in Dallas at Dallas Vintage Shop

Sherwood Forest Fair 2022 Update: Info Sherwood Forest Fair Dates, Info Sherwood Forest Fair Event Guide, Info Sherwood Forest Fair McDade TX.

Find your own Royalty Attire in Dallas. Come to our amazing shop to find endless costume ideas and possibilities for the Sherwood Forest Fair 2022. Royalty invites you. You mustn’t refuse Royalty. 2022 Info: Dates: Mar 5 – Apr 24, 2022, Location: McDade, Tx. Dallas Vintage Shop has enough Medieval, Fantasy & Renaissance Attire for everyone.

 2022 Sherwood Forest Faire Guide


Sherwood Forest Faire | Medieval Renaissance Faire/Festival …

Sherwood Forest Faire · Open Weekends: Mar 5 – Apr 24, 2022 · Also Open Friday, March 18th · 10 am to Dusk — Rain or Shine — No Pets.

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Sherwood Forest Faire encourages costume participation. You can can expect to see Sherwood Forest Faire Staff in more authentic garb and visitors in outfits varying from period accurate to improvised costumes. You may dress from Royalty to Peasants, Gypsies to Pirates, from Merchant Class to Fairies and from Wenches to Knights.

“Welcome to the Annual Sherwood Forest Faire!

You are cordially invited to join us at the Faire and partake of
all that Sherwood has to offer!

Sherwood Forest Faire, directions, camping information, entertainment schedules, tickets, vendors & more:

This is going to be another incredible season at Sherwood Forest Faire and they look forward to entertaining you on weekends from Mar 5 – Apr 24, 2022.

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