Texas Renaissance Festival 1001 Dreams Weekend, Oct. 12-13

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Texas Renaissance Festival 1001 Dreams Weekend:

Find TRF 1001 Dreams Weekend Dates: October 12-13, 2019.

2019 TRF 1001 Dreams Weekend Location:Texas Renaissance Festival, 21778 Farm to Market 1774, Todd Mission, Texas 77363

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TRF 1001 Dreams Weekend Mystical Merlin Costume provided by Dallas Vintage Shop

From the TRF 1001 Dreams Weekend Event Organizer:

“The King and Queen welcome you to our fair village!

Since 1974, there’s been a magical kingdom just at the edge of the Greater Houston area, where guests can step through the gates and enter an enchanted world filled with kings and queens, knights and nobles, fairies and elves, pirates and peasants, and other fanciful delights.

For 45 years, patrons have enjoyed performances by world renowned entertainers, feasted on delicious treats from across the globe and sipped the best wines, ales, beers, and beverages to be found anywhere.

The village shoppes overflow with unique items, some made by the finest artists and artisans: master jewelers, potters, painters, woodworkers, and glass blowers, and school children sing, act, and walk the lanes, learning about the crafts and diversions of the 16th century.

We welcome you into our New Market Village, and we hope that here, at this site, you’ll find little bits of joy and magic to keep your TRF love alive! Huzzah!.”

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