Monster Mash TRF After Dark Oct 26, 2019

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Find Endless Costume Ideas and Possibilities of the Monster Mash TRF After Dark. Need Rotting Flesh Zombie Costume Makeup Ideas? This Walking Dead Zombie Costume Makeup Application is only one of many really Gross Zombie Costume Makeup Ideas we offer.

Monster Mash TRF After Dark

Find Monster Mash After Dark Date and Time: Saturday October 26th, 2019 08:00 PM – 01:00 AM

Monster Mash After Dark Location:  11282 CR 302, Todd Mission, Texas, 77363

After Dark Event: Monster Mash Map

After Dark Event: Monster Mash Tickets: $35-$85

Monster Mash Official Website

This Monster Mash Undead Outfit and Makeup provided by Dallas Vintage Shop

Quote from After Dark Monster Mash Organizers,  After Dark:

Welcome to the Monster Mash.
Dress up as your favorite creature or character.

This will be one creepy Halloween party.

Come for a scare if you dare!!

This is our big Halloween Party so go crazy! Show us your best superhero, monster, fairy, sexy nurse, fireman, etc. You get the picture. This is your chance to be whatever you want to be for one night!!  As always you may also dress in the park’s theme or nice club wear.”

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