Mad Hatter’s Tea 2019: COMPLETE GUIDE: Tickets, Map, Date & Times

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This Loretta Young, Golden Age of Hollywood Hat is a one of a kind Mad Hatters Tea & Luncheon Hat that Dallas Vintage Shop has created for this Iconic Dallas Event. We have many other Hollywood Diva inspired hats in stock. Specific Hollywood Character Hats like this one is only available, one per season to insure that no one else has this hat at the Mad Hatter’s Tea, for this hat season. We have more. We present to you the Mad Hatter’s Tea Golden Age of Hollywood Complete Guide, with event details, event tickets, event maps, event dates & times and most of all event choices: Hat Choices that is! You will never find a more complete collection of Mad Hatter Tea Hats in the Universe. From Enormous Sizes like this Loretta Young Inspiration to Tiny, Elegant Whimsies, from Audacious Works of Art to Austere British Tea Hats, from Subtle Understated Elegance to Avant Garde Obnoxious, from the Latest Fashions to Vintage Styles and everything in between, we have the perfect hat for you. We even help you customize your hat to guarantee it’s a one of a kind that perfectly matches your outfit. When it comes to Tea Parties, Derby Dame & all Period Hats, nobody beats us.

Mad Hatter’s Tea at Dallas Arboretum Info:

Mad Hatter’s Tea Date & Time: Thursday, April 11th, 2019 beginning at 10 AM.: Details

Mad Hatter’s Tea Location: Dallas Arboretum & Botanical Society, Inc.
8617 Garland Road
Dallas, TX  75218

Mad Hatter’s Tea 2019 Theme: The Golden Age of Hollywood

Mad Hatter’s Tea Official Website:

Mad Hatter’s Tea@Dallas Arboretum Directions.

Mad Hatter’s Tea Dallas Arboretum Tickets.

From Mad Hatter’s Tea Host Organization:  “Mad Hatter’s will be held at the Dallas Arboretum on Thursday, April 11th, 2019 beginning at 10 AM.  We begin with an outdoor  champagne reception and hat judging on the Ginsburg Family Plaza.  This provides some of the best people watching in Dallas as ladies and gents stroll the Plaza showcasing their creative chapeaus.  We then move to Rosine Hall for a Runway Fashion Presentation by Jan Strimple Productions.  Jan produces the best shows in Dallas.  We’ll auction off a few fabulous items and our celebrity hat judges will announce the winners of the hat competition.  Our program concludes so that our attendees may enjoy a tented luncheon outside amid the beautiful spring blooms of the Dallas Arboretum.

We would love to have you join us!”

Mad Hatter’s Tea Party Hats provided by Dallas Vintage Shop.



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