'Int’l German'

German Attire: Men’s Quality Leather Lederhosen

Need Quality Attire for your German International Festival? We have German Attire like this Men’s Quality Leather Lederhosen Outfit. We have the hats, Mugs, Socks, Pipes and even wigs & mustaches. Get everything you need for men and ladies all in one place. We have many styles in a huge variety of colors & unique costume ideas for all. Many different qualities & designs.

‘Mr. Legs,’ Oktoberfest Lederhosen Dude, German Fest Attire

This ‘Mr. Legs,’ Oktoberfest Lederhosen Dude Outfit is a great German Fest Costume Idea. We are very well stocked with many styles or Lederhosen, German Hats, German Folkloric Attire, Barmaids & Historical German Characters. Get complete outfits or just the pieces you need.

Quality Oktoberfest Barmaid Garb, Wench Corsets, German Dirndls, Ren Fest Germanic period Clothing

60s 70s Gunne Sax Dresses, 70’s Vintage Ladies, Hippies, Pioneers, Peasants, Historical


Leather, Pleather and Vinyl Corsets for Fantasy or Sexy Costume Ideas

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We have Medieval corsets, leather corsets, taffeta corsets, pleather corsets, vinyl corsets, Renaissance corsets, Victorian corsets, peasant corsets, Royalty corsets, corset dresses, Baroque corsets, lingerie corsets, new fashion corsets, costume corsets, corsets with heavy or light boning and a lot more.

Gretel Costume: Medieval Fantasy Witch Slayer Costume

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If you are tired of all the Evil Witches become a witch slayer.

St. Nicholas Costume, German Santa Clause Costume, Elaborate Santa Costume

Our Dallas Christmas Costume Shop has this St. Nicholas Costume, this German Santa Clause Costume and many Elaborate Santa Costumes. We also have St. Nicholas, St. Nicholas Costume, St. Nicholas Traditional Costume, St. Nicholas German Santa Clause, St. Nicholas Liturgical Costume, St. Nicholas Elaborate Costume, St. Nicholas Christmas Tradition Costume, St. Nicholas Eastern Christianity Costume, St. Nicholas Catholic Santa Costume, St. Nicholas Mitre, St. Nicholas Staff, St. Nicholas Liturgical Robe Costume, St. Nicholas Attire and Accessories in stock.

At Dallas Vintage Shop, we take our St. Nicholas Costume serious. This Fancy German Santa Clause Costume is just one of many Elaborate Santa Costume Choices. There are other International Tradition Santa Costumes besides our St. Nicholas Costume, There are other St. Nicholas Costumes besides this German Santa Clause Costume, If you need Elaborate Santa Costumes that have the Liturgical Detailed of this St. Nicholas ‘Santa’ Costume then we are your Santa Clause Costume and Christmas Holiday Costume Headquarters. You’ll also find St. Nicholas Costume Accessories like this Mitre, Staff, Lavish Robes, Quality Wigs & Beards and more than you ever imagined.

International German Costume

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International German Costume

Find many versions of Lederhosen Costumes, Peasant Shirts, Hats and accessories for any men’s Octoberfest or German fest Costume at The Dallas Vintage Shop.

Ladies German Bar Maid Costume

Oktoberfest Diva Costume, Octoberfest Maiden Costume, Oktoberfest Sexy Bar Maid Costume

Ladies German Octoberfest Barmaid Diva Costume

We have a very large variety of German Barmaid Costumes and costume ideas, for Oktoberfest. There is many types of sexy barmaid costumes or you could pull together a barmaid winch from our broom skirts, peasant blouses, lace up halter vests, sexy corsets, shoes, boots, wigs and jewelry. There is virtually any number of ways to costume yourself, whether you are extra small or plus size, you can find german costumes at Dallas Vintage Shop.

German Red Baron Costume

Red Barron Costume, Germany Red Barron Costume, Old Fashion Pilot Costume

German Red Baron Costume

Red Baron WWI Fighter Pilot Manfred von Richthofen