Guayaberas: Mexican Wedding Shirts, White or Pastel Guayabera Shirts

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Guayaberas are called the Mexican Wedding Shirt and Dallas Vintage Shop has a huge collection of Vintage & Reproduction Guayabera Shirts in white, pastels & other colors.

Some very unique or even eclectic Guayaberas are always to be found in our International Clothing Collection. The Guayabera is called the Mexican Wedding Shirt. Internationally, Guayabera Shirts were of Cuban Origin. Now they are used for any number of International Costumes from Cuba to almost any Latino or Caribbean Country and beyond. They are also a favorite of Chefs, Hair Stylists, Tropical Tourists, Caribbean Professionals & many others because of the many large pockets and clean, unique style. We have Vintage Guaberas as well as Reproductions and Modern Guayaberas in stock at Dallas Vintage Shop.
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