Dragon’s Ball Society Halloween Ball 2018, October 20th

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UPDATE Dragon’s Ball Society Halloween Ball 2018,  Saturday, October 20th@ Project Ai Dallas, 1707 S. Lamar St, Dallas, TX 75215.  Guests are encouraged to come dressed for the “Electric Atlantis” theme or in a costume. Bring your ideas to Dallas Vintage Shop and have the Staff help you create a costume even the gods would be envious of!

Dragon’s Ball Society Halloween Ball 2018


Dragon’s Ball Society Halloween Ball Dates and Times: Saturday, October 20th, 2018 09:00 PM – 02:00 AM

(Encore night October 27th)

Find Dragon’s Halloween Ball Location: Project Ai Dallas, 1707 S. Lamar St, Dallas, TX 75215

Dragon’s Ball Society Halloween Ball 2018 MAP

Get Dragon’s Halloween Ball at Project Ai Dallas  Tickets: Tickets Available Soon

Dragon’s Halloween Ball presents “Electric Atlantis” Official Website

This Dragon’s Halloween Ball 2018 Costume provided by Dallas Vintage Shop.

Quote from Dragon’s Ball Society Halloween Ball Organizers, Project Ai Dallas and Dragons Halloween Ball:

“Dragons Halloween Ball is a production of fantasy, art, and music for a good cause. This is Dallas’ hottest and most anticipated underground Halloween event featuring many talented DJs, Choreographers, Live Performances, Body Artists, and Props from our Custom Fabricators, etc. while giving back to local charities in support of our community. You will see the most amazing costumes, body art, the newly crowned Dragon Goddess, live performances and hear many great DJs in over-the-top theme decorated themed venue while partying with the best Dallas/Ft Worth crowd and guests from around the world.


Dragon’s Halloween Ball started out as a house party 1999 and has evolved to a spectacular fantasy-themed show with influences from Dan Luna’s travels to Ibiza, Burning Man, Vegas, Miami and Coco Bongo, as well as from the many artists that have added their unique talent and flair to this event over the years. We have created a platform for artist to come and do what they love, without ego, in a culture that encourages collaboration, creative freedom, and inspiration for something bigger than oneself. We strive to produce the ultimate interactive costume party featuring live performances, body art, dance music, set design, video mapping and we even build our own props. We do this because we love the arts, Halloween and for our charities such as Christmas Ninjas, Art Love Magic and more.”

More Costumes and Ideas: Here

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