Dallas Vintage Shop has your favorite 1970’s vintage clothing and costumes

Farrah Fossett, John Travolta, Ron Burgandy, Jim Morrison, any 70’s character, any 70’s movie, any 70’s TV show, Disco, “Saturday Night Fever”, Studio 54 and more. Dallas Vintage Shop has 1970’s polyester pants, 60’s and 70’s bellbottoms, wide belts, 70’s polyester shirts, suede/leather vests and purses with fringe, granny glasses, peace signs, head bangs, 70’s wide collar shirts, 70’s double-knit and photograph printed shirts, 70’s butterfly collared shirts topped off with gold chain medallion necklaces, white belt and shoes. 1970’s 3-piece pastel double-knit suits and ruffle collar shirts, velvet tuxes with giant bow ties and more 1970’s vintage clothes.

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