ANNOUNCING: Burning Man 2019 Daily Themes Black Rock Desert Aug 25-Sept 2

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We love this Black Rock City, NV Event! Don’t Miss Burning Man 2019 Black Rock Desert on August 25th, 2019 – September 2nd, 2019 . Celebrate Burning Man Dressed As This Feathered, Sexy Diva! Dress As Tribal Burning Man, Sexy Burning Man, Futuristic,  Movie or TV Characters.  GET FULL DETAILS here.  Dallas Vintage Shop has  Goggles, Glasses, WigsMakeupWeapons or Costume Pieces Available for all Ages and Sizes. Check out the Burning Man 2019 Daily Themes listed below with a couple ideas pictured and linked for each Theme.

Burning Man 2019 Daily Themes

Discover Burning Man 2019 Black Rock Desert Dates: August 25th, 2019 – September 2nd, 2019

Burning Man 2019 Black Rock Desert Location: Black Rock Desert, Pershing County, Nevada, US

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This Burning Man Feathered Costume Provided by Dallas Vintage Shop.

Daytime Themes for The Burn

Manic Monday – Your first full day on the playa means lots of exploring, biking, and very little sitting around, so wear something light, easy, simple, and functional.

burning man tutu tuesdayTutu Tuesday – This one is easy to wear, and only takes moments to create. Just add a tutu to any bikini and race out to playa.


white wednesdayWhite Wednesday – The good news is playa dust is relatively white, so staying pristine all day is remarkably easy.



Billion Bunny March thursdsayBBM Thursday – A time honored tradition is the Billion Bunny March, which happens every Thursday as burners dress up as bunnies, protesting the humans. And the bunnies are often met with resistance by carrots, who want to be acknowledged as friends, and not food.

Wing FridayFlying Friday – Grow some wings as you metamorphosis in to a new shape and release your inhibitions.



Sight Seeing Saturday – Tonight the man burns! Why not take the day to see all that the burn and the Universe have to offer.

Sendoff Sunday – Most burners don’t stay for the final burn, so your outfit today should be appropriate for the playa and the default world. Stay loose and comfy on your final tour around the playa before you hit the road and head out.

Nighttime Outfits for The Burn

Manic Monday – your first night on the playa you’ll want an outfit that is easy to bike in and always be sure that you’re well lit.

top hat tuesday

Top Hat Tuesday – Tap into your inner sci-fi nerd and rock that top hat steampunk style as you cruise the playa.



white parties on wednesdayWhite Wednesday – Meet your friends at Opulent Temple for the annual white party, and feel sexy and warm in a pure white outfit.



1940's military WednesdayThrowback Thursday – Take things back to the 1940’s with a military inspired look that will be all the rage at the burn this year.



furry fridayFuzzy Friday – Who doesn’t love a good cuddle puddle? A combination of velvet and fur will make you a delight to the senses.



Sparks Saturday – Tonight the man burns so dust off your best burner threads and make the night hot with a fire inspired look.

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