ANIME EVENTS DFW 2018: A-Kon DFW 06/07-10 2018@Fort Worth Convention Center: A Kon Masquerade 06/07, Alucard Anime Character

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ANIME EVENTS DFW 2018: A-Kon DFW 06/07-10/17@Fort Worth Convention Center, A-Kon Masquerade. We have Alucard Anime Character Costumes and so, so many more amazing costume ideas.

Project A-KON

Project A-KON Dates & Times: June 7-10, 2018

Project A-KON Location: Fort Worth Convention Center 1201 Houston St, Fort Worth, Texas

Project A-KON Directions: Map

Project A-KON Info and Tickets

Project A-KON Official Website

Pictured Project A-KON Alucard Anime costume provided by Dallas Vintage Shop

Quote from Project A-KON Event Organizer, Project A-Kon:

A-Kon® is the longest running anime convention in North America and is one of the largest and highest ranked anime conventions in the United States. Founded in 1990, A-Kon® is home to over 33,000 fans and active community enthusiasts of anime, gaming, cosplay, music, fashion, manga, art, film, media and Japanese culture.

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